Let me say first that the crucial thing to take a good picture is not a state-of-the-art equipment or whatsoever expensive stuff.

What you need is... a proper light! The choice of light is what makes the difference.

Here is what I have been using so far:

- Film camera: Nikon F70 (I stopped using film in 2005 and went totally digital from then on)

- Lenses:

- Digital point-and-shot camera: current: Canon G11 past: Canon G5 and Canon G10

- Reflex digital camera: sooner or later I will get one! (a Nikon D700 would be great!)

- Films: Fuji Velvia (by now film is just an old memory...)

- Scanner: Epson 4180 Photo

- Tripod: Manfrotto 055 PRO B with a joystick head Manfrotto 222 (really a terrific piece of equipment!)

- Filters: a polarizing filter for getting vivid colours out of your shots! (if you like it)

For taking portraits I have used a Cokin diffuser (083) in the past, but now I prefer to get the flou effect within Photoshop because it allows me to fine tune it.

For infrared photography I have used a Hoya R72 mounted on my past Canon G5.

Don't forget to take with you a sturdy tripod for night time shots, long exposures or simply to get crisper images!