Map of the tour

Here are the coordinates for Google Earth users of the main places of my tour: just copy and paste them into Google Earth search field!

Tip for the lazy ones: click on the Google Earth icon to get directly the placemark file! :-)

Catalina Island 18°21'23.91"N, 69° 0'31.80"W
La Romana 18°24'29.79"N, 68°56'45.48"W
Virgin Gorda 18°27'18.16"N, 64°24'44.78"W
St. Martin 18°0'16.31"N, 63°3'52.43"W
Antigua 17°4'8.35"N, 61°47'15.92"W
Guadeloupe 16°12'12.19"N, 61°33'14.16"W
St. Lucia 13°52'1.52"N, 60°58'10.44"W

Don't know Google Earth? If you fancy to know what it is all about, just click here

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